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About Lumenvisum

Lumenvisum is a non-profit art organisation dedicated to the promotion of photography. Founded by four veteran photographers in 2007, it is a platform for cultural exchange, educational outreach, sharing of resources and building of knowledge.

Since inception, Lumenvisum has collaborated with more that 60 artists from for more than 50 exhibitions of photography in Hong Kong. Among them are some of Hong Kong’s most distinguished photographers, to name but a few: Yau Leung, So Hing Keung, Joseph Fung, Alfred Ko, Wong Kan-Tai, Almond Chu, Bobby Sham.

Based in Hong Kong, Lumenvisum strives to engage in interactions with the rest of the world. Notables photographers from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Germany, UK, US and Colombia have been invited to exhibit with us, such as Michael Wolf, Jonathan Day, Roger Moore, Andreas Müller-Pohle and Chen Shun-Chu, etc.

To foster new voices and news visions, in 2010 Lumenvisum started the “New Light” series. Each year we showcase one emerging photographer, whom will be provided with free platforms for innovative artistic perspectives.