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To Another Horizon is a photographic monograph divided into seven sections. It begins with an image of a desolate, run-down Western garden with a hint of the decline of a civilisation. Passing through this garden is another horizon, in which the author portrays the scattered, mundane minutiae of life: a  solitary Afghan weightlifter mumbling to himself like Narcissus; Moslem women living under patriarchy; poverty stricken Filipinos living in a graveyard; a flower-seller running across a Dhaka street; the scorched ecosystem of the Aral Sea; and materialistic reality from the urban landscape of Hong Kong.

Throughout, Chun’s camera not only captures the dynamic world under a macroscopic framework of history, but also depicts his sentiments, especially towards vulnerable people and their fates. Bringing it all together is a unique visual language – calm yet compelling – which further accentuates his inner world.

Book Launch & Exhibition Opening

20/12/2011, 6-8pm

Exhibition Date

20/12/2011-1/1/2012 (Closed on Monday)

Opening Hours

11am-7pm   (Lunch 1-2pm)

Organizer:Asiaone 出版社

Venue Sponsor: Lumenvisum