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Lumenvisum is proud to present artist Wong Wo-bik’s latest exhibition Not Just A Fashion Parade. Her exhibits today are quite different from the past which have been concerned with topics such as city landscape and daily livelihood, conflict and balance, fabrication and reality, etc. This time, her works show a long-standing idea about observing and being observed. That makes a connection with her past creative elements and this fashion related show.

The starting point of today’s exhibition is actually inspired by a collaborative fashion design project, where Wong Wo-bik interspersed her photographs with new designer clothing. She also captured models wearing these new designer dresses to imitate runway walk and placing them in different scenes, such as walking on the steel cable in an ancient city or having a runway walk in the catchment channels in ancient Roman cities. In addition, the exhibition includes digital manipulated imaging, Cyanotype prints, photographic design on test fabrics (annotation: Before applying the ink-jet printing to the designer clothing, same type of fabrics would be used for test prints), model mannequins with designer clothing, etc. Through the exhibits, the artist hopes to bring the audience to the parallel space which is overlapped and once existed, and moreover, present an imaginary journey of the artist.

Exhibition Periods
29/11/2014 – 11/01/2015

Lumenvisum, L2-10, JCCAC,
30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong