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“Photograph in the wee hours of the night when humans are sparse.
The mind wanders as the hushed night transports one away from the objective reality.
Such alienation is similar to the situation where images from the coloured reality of the world are transcended in black and white photography.” So Hing Keung, Curator.

After two years of explorations, a group of amateur photographers and students of So Hing Keung’s Black and White Photography and Landscape of Humanity courses at Lumenvisum come together to exhibit their achievements, in which each of them assesses and examines the possibilities of “Night” imaging.

Exhibition Period

2013.9.7 – 2013.9.29

Opening Reception
2013.9.6         6-8pm

Jason Chan、Ike Cheung、Dilly PP、Karen Sum、Kit-yee Tong、Dio Wong、Eddy Zee

So Hing Keung

Opening Hours
11am – 6pm, Tue – Sun (Closed on Mondays)