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“New Light III:Photos of Cheung” is the third exhibition of the New Light series, the first photo exhibition of the young photographer Cheung Wailok. The basic elements of photography, light and time, always catches Cheung’s attention. He continues his exploration in this exhibition by combining the groundbreaking photography medium, iphone and the traditional film developing techniques.

In the series “Photos of Cheung”, he enlarged the photos that were tagged by his friends on Facebook onto silver gelatin prints and develops them as black and white photos. His works point out Facebook, as a stage for individuals as well as the relationships of social media, establishment of self-image and the others. Cheung finds that these photos present “Cheung Wai-lok” in a more comprehensive and multi-dimensional way, even more than the one presented by himself, thus Cheung sees it as his self-portrait. During the developing process, iphone replaced traditional film and adds a stronger vitality. This exhibition not only reveals the artist’s exquisite observation of the new media but also his thoughts of the interaction of traditional and new media.
About the Artist

Cheung Wai Lok was born in 1986, graduated from the Hong Kong Art School with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. Photography as his principal medium, he is concerned about everything in Hong Kong, at the same time focus on exploring the nature and possibility of photography. He has been invited to present his works in Hong Kong and abroad, including ” New Trend 2012″ in Hong Kong and “Luminous Harbor: Hong Kong Contemporary Photography 2011” in Tokyo. Cheung will hold his first solo exhibitiion “Photos of Cheung” in 2012. Together with friends, he has organised “Seedinmind” during 2008-09, a photography culture website. Since 2010 he joined the self-publishing group “Kinggaiwui”. Cheung is now a freelance photographer.

About New Light

Having a mission to support talented young artists to use photography as their creative medium, the New Light series, Lumenvisum has sponsored young photographers to submit proposals for their first solo exhibition since 2010. With our goal to nurture more young photographers in Hong Kong in mind, a panel of judges is formed to select the winning candidates. The award winner will receive full support from Lumenvisum to hold a solo exhibition at our gallery.

1.6.2012             6-8pm

Artist Talk
16.6.2012          3-5pm

2.6 – 1.7.2012


L2-10, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon