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An almost mythical offspring of colonialism and modern capitalism, Hong Kong lives an increasing number of megafauna.

A unique nature of this urban dwelling megafauna species is its involuntary tendency to toil around the clock in almost every possible space to produce and consume. No wonder in a little more than one and a half century, the inhabitants of this little fishing village has been capable of accommodating the rational thinking and capitalistic life style of the west and the Confucius ideology of the east to create a unique way of living.

This opportunistic nature is particularly noticeable a decade after the handover of the city’s sovereignty, where the inhabitants have shown tremendous fluctuation in their social consciousness in times of great anxiety and opportunties. Unlike other megafauna which need an intact natural environment to maintain their existence, obsessions in constant development has always outweighed our intimacy with the nature.

Without photography, it is almost impossible for us to remember the changing faces of our living environment amid rapid development. With this in mind, four local photographers attempt to record the relationship of a megafauna species and a place called Hong Kong in this unique moment.

It is interesting to mention that among megafauna, a term used by archaeologists and biologists to refer to large-bodied mammals weight more than 45 kg, human race is indeed a junior member.

Book Launch and Exhibition Opening

23/10.2009          6 pm – 8 pm

Exhibition Period

24/10 – 16/11.2009

Opening Hours

11 am – 7 pm   (Closed on Tuesdays)