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History in Photographs, Photographs in History Series
Leaving on a Jet Plane:
Final Images of Hong Kong by Photographers who have emigrated recently

2023.05.26 – 2023.06.25

Address: Lumenvisum|L2-02, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon
Opening Time: Tue to Sun, 11:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00
Opening Reception: 2023.05.27, Fri, 16:00

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Following the success of the first series of exhibitions in 2014-2016, photography historian Edwin LAI works again with Lumenvisum for the second series of “Photographs of History, History of Photographs” exhibitions, commencing from 2023. Just like the first series, the aim is to introduce a historical perspective in the looking of Hong Kong photographs.

In view of the considerable number of photographers leaving Hong Kong over the last two years, the new series of “Photographs of History, History of Photographs” opens with an exhibition ─ that is, the fourth exhibition in the whole series ─ respecting this recent development, titled ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane: Final Images of Hong Kong by Photographers who have emigrated recently’. Edwin LAI has invited veteran Hong Kong photojournalist Paul YEUNG to join him as co-curator for this project: the two of them contacted those photographers who have departed during 2019-23, for their final photographic glimpses of Hong Kong. Consequently, this exhibition is a showcase of the photographers’ individual emotions or personal moments, at the same time a formal occasion of collective farewell.There are altogether thirty-one photographers who have joined the exhibition. Their works are printed in roughly the same size for display on the walls of Lumenvisum.

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About the curators

Edwin K. LAI

Edwin K. LAI is currently Senior Lecturer and Subject Coordinator (photography) at the Hong Kong Arts School. He obtained his BA (Hons.) degree at Derby University, and his MPhil. and Ph.D. degrees at the Fine Arts Department of the University of Hong Kong. LAI is an internationally well-known scholar of Hong Kong and Chinese photography history, and has published more than 100 essays, including some in academic journals and exhibition catalogues. His photo-works have exhibited in the U.K., Japan and Hong Kong; since 2008 he has curated a number of art and photography exhibitions, including “Imaging Hong Kong Contemporary Photography Exhibition” (2008), “First Photographs of Hong Kong 1858-1875” (2010), “Post-Straight: Contemporary Hong Kong Photography” (2012), “Colour Hong Kong 40s-60s” (2014), “Rare Encounters: Nancy Sheung’s Portraits of Hong Kong Women in the 1960s” (2015), “Motor Cars: Cars and Lifestyles in Hong Kong in the Twentieth Century” (2016), and “Another Round: Re-Imagining COVID-19” (2022).

Paul YEUNG Tak-ming

Paul YEUNG Tak-ming is a freelance photographer, an educator and a curator. He graduated from MA in Image and Communication (Photography) at Goldsmiths College, London. YEUNG embarked on his profession as a photojournalist and photo editor and received numerous photography awards in the past 20 years. His contemporary works mostly concern social situations expressed in a humorous sense. YEUNG opened his first solo photography exhibition “The Flower Show” in 2012. He published his first photobook “Yes Madam, Sorry Ah Sir” in 2017. His other favourite works include “The Advertising Billboard is Nothing”, “The Good Old Days in 1989”, “No Paint No Games”, “Dark Light” etc., His works and photobooks were exhibited internationally and were collected by The Hong Kong Heritage Museum and private collectors.


Dickson CHING
Jerry HO 
Mike HUI
Rachel IP Hiu Yin
KO Chung Ming
Rraay LAI
Martin LAM
LAM Yik Fei
LEE Tak Chuen
LING Shu Fai
LO Kwan Ho
NG Sai Kit
SIU Wai Hang
Mike TAM
Ducky TSE Chi Tak
TSE Ming Chong
Felix WONG
Jimmy WONG
Winson WONG
Vincent YU