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Kwun Tong used to be the official salt yard during the Qing Dynasty. Today it is undergoing a vigorous redevelopment put forth by Government. “FT12” watches closely the transformation.

During the process, FT12 came to know a group of pedlars, literally they are doing what they can to help raise their families, however over time their hard workings have out-performed many others and have formed the bonds with many community members. After all they have become part of the Legendary Spirit of the Lion Rock unintentionally. Since the redevelopment has come to an immensed time and the pedlars are facing their dilemma whether to go on or to quit. We just hope the fighting spirit of the pedlars will not be perished amidst the redevelopment as we try to preserve the scene that we have witnessed during the redevelopment with our cameras.

Opening Periods
2013.4.2 – 2013.4.14

Opening Reception
2013.4.1         3-6pm

Opening Hours
11am – 6pm, Tue-Sun (Closed on Monday)