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Second-hand photography books for SALE Posted Aug 28, 2017 By admin

A number of second-hand photography books are for sale at Lumenvisum. To purchase any items, please visit us at Lumenvisum or contact us via email and tel no. 3177 9159.

Announcement of Result for “New Light Exhibition Scheme” Posted Dec 15, 2016 By admin

New Light exhibition scheme set out to be a platform for nurturing young local photographers as well as introducing new talents to the scene. Each year, a potential artist is selected through open call and provided with full support in debuting their solo exhibition in Lumenvisum’s gallery space. Reviewed by a professional panel of judges, this year the awarded emerging artist is Sharon Lee.

A Star Is Born: Congratulations to NEW LIGHT VII winner Dorothy Wong! Posted Mar 15, 2016 By admin

The NEW LIGHT VII Exhibition Proposal Open Call ended last year with 13 submissions received. The adjudication panel composed of Lumenvisum’s advisors Mr Alfred Ko and Dr Edwin K. Lai met earlier in January, and were delighted to find the quantity and quality of the proposals submitted both higher than the previous year.