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Tutor: Zhuang Wubin





What is photography? How does it work? How does it affect us? How do photographs communicate? Why do we prefer certain images over others? Is photography powerful or limited? What is the politics of representation?

We will address these questions (and more) in this three-session workshop. The workshop offers an interdisciplinary way to understand photography, touching on its practice, its (positive and negative) effects and its possibilities (and limits). Even though we will use a few academic sources, the workshop aims to be practical and will be taught in layman’s language. The intention is to equip you with a basic overview of photography, which will help your work in making photographs, designing photobooks and zines, writing about visuals and curating exhibitions, amongst others. The workshop begins at the level of the photograph.

We will learn to analyse an image and understand how its meaning is co-created. We will examine the relationship between the photographer, the photographed person(s) and the viewer(s), and how that affects photography. The workshop will unpack its power, which takes effect through circulations. In short, we will borrow from the disciplines of social history, visual anthropology, and cultural studies to develop an interdisciplinary way of understanding photography.

第一節:2024年3月30(六),1030-1230 ,JCCAC活動室

Session 1: 30 March 2024 (Sat) ),1030-1230 ,JCCAC

第二節:2024年4月2(二),1930-2130 ,光影作坊
Session 2: 2 April 2024 (Tue) ,1930-2130 ,Lumenvisum

第三節:2024年4月6(六),1500-1700 ,JCCAC活動室

Session 3: 6 April 2024 (Sat) ,1500-1700 ,JCCAC


Fee: HK$1,000


Enjoy Early Bird Discount if you sign up and pay before 22nd March: HK$880


Quota: 10 people


Remarks: The major language use will be English, tutor is able to understand Cantonese and converse in Mandarin.


About the tutor

身為撰稿人,莊吳斌的工作涵蓋影像、出版和展覽。他關注東南亞和香港的攝影實踐如何與現代性、殖民主義、國族主義、「中華性」和冷戰產生關連性。莊在倫敦西敏寺大學考獲攝影研究 (Research-Photography) 博士學位。 莊吳斌於2018年獲得香港何鴻毅家族基金中華研究獎助金計劃的資助,也是荷蘭克勞斯親王基金會研究補助金(2010年)的得主。在新加坡,莊獲頒 2023 年國家圖書館數位。


2016年由新加坡國立大學出版社出版的《東南亞攝影概論》是莊的第四本出版物。2019 年,莊因該出版物獲得英國皇家攝影學會頒發的 J Dudley Johnston 獎和榮譽院士。同年,中文譯本《東南亞攝影概論》由台北VOP BOOKS出版。

Zhuang Wubin is a writer who makes photographs, publications and exhibitions. He is interested in photography’s entanglements with modernity, colonialism, nationalism, “Chineseness” and the Cold War in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Zhuang received his PhD by Published Work (Research–Photography) from University of Westminster, London.

Zhuang is the major grantee of the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Greater China Research Grant 2018 and a recipient of the Prince Claus Fund research grant (2010). In Singapore, Zhuang is the recipient of the National Library (NL) Digital Fellowship 2023 and the Lee Kong Chian Research Fellowship 2017 at the NL. He has been invited to research residency programmes at Institute Technology of Bandung (2013), Asia Art Archive (AAA), Hong Kong (2015), Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan (2017) and the Ha Bik Chuen Archive Project at AAA (2018). He is the contributing curator of the Chiang Mai Photo Festival (2015, 2017, 2020).

Published by NUS Press, Photography in Southeast Asia: A Survey (2016) is his fourth book. In 2019, Zhuang received the J Dudley Johnston Award and Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for that publication. The Chinese translation is published in 2019 by VOP BOOKS, Taipei.