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*Photo courtesy of Evan Andraws Latief

你對撰寫攝影和視覺文化相關文章感興趣嗎?你希望透過攝影思考不同社會的政治、歷史和文化嗎? 你是文化工作者、藝術家、藝術教育者、策展人、評論人、設計師、攝影書編輯、研究員、非政府組織工作者或大學生,並希望在工作中同時運用攝影和文字嗎? 如果答案是「Yes」,不妨考慮參加這次的工作坊。


這次的工作坊,我們將以非常實用的方法學習如何開始書寫攝影。這次的重點將放在如何評論展覽或攝影書,和如何更深入地分析攝影。 工作坊首先會由導師提供一個理解攝影的框架,讓參加者意識到攝影是如何滲透到社會的各個層面。你將學習如何尋找和生產寫作的素材。工作坊將提供一些基本範本幫助你構建文章,以及如何根據個別需要,運用和解構這些範本。在工作坊期間,你會在導師的指導下以中文或英文撰寫一篇有關攝影的文章,並透過學員和導師之間的交流與反饋,互相觀摩學習。

3月19日 (日), 3 to 5pm (線上)
3月26日(日), 3 to 5pm (線上)
4月2日(日), 3 to 5pm (香港現場)
4月9日(日), 3 to 5pm (香港現場)
4月16日(日), 3 to 5pm (暫定線上,日期再確認)





導師簡介:ZHUANG Wubin 莊吳斌



Target groups: 

  1. People who are interested to learn, think and write about photography, visual culture and art history
  2. People who are interested to use photography (and its different practices, including exhibition making, photobooks, how the masses use photography, etc) to think about the politics, history and culture of societies
  3. Cultural workers and art educators, curators, aspiring critics, writers who are interested to write about the visual, photobook designers and editors who want to transit into curating, academics who are interested in incorporating the visual into their social science or humanities research

Workshop objectives:

  1. To equip the participants with an expansive view of photography, which can offer us many different ways to understand the culture, histories and politics of society
  2. To offer a practical guide on how to find or generate source materials to write about photography
  3. To offer a practical guide on how to draft, structure and write a photobook or exhibition review, or a more analytical essay
  4. To provide an opportunity for each participant to begin and write a short article (minimum 1,000 words, in either Chinese or English); individual feedback will be given at the end of the workshop. 
  5. To provide practical tips on the best practices of writing   

Language of instruction: English supplemented by Chinese

Course outline (TBC): 

Session 1: 

  • Housekeeping: Understanding the expectations of the participants and previewing the workshop, including briefing them about the specs of the assignment
  • What is photography? How does photography help us understand the culture, histories and politics of society?

Session 2:

  • How to find or generate source materials to write about photography? What are some of these source materials? How to use them for writing and research?
  • Practical guide on how to conduct interviews with photographic practitioners

Session 3:

  • Practical guide on how to draft, structure and write a photobook or exhibition review, or a more analytical essay
  • Do we need to know Theory?

Session 4:

  • Class activity 1: Selected volunteers will each bring one image to class. Each of them will be given 3 to 5 minutes to describe the photograph in whatever way she or he prefers. The class will respond to each participant’s short presentation.  
  • Class activity 2: Participants will begin to show their drafts for the assignment and discuss, within the group, some of their obstacles in writing the article. We will try to resolve the issues together. 

(Three or four days before session 5): Participants submit their writings

Session 5:

  • Participants will submit their writings (or final drafts) to me a few days before class. I would offer quick comments to the submissions in class. After that, participants are encouraged to complete the essays, if they have not done so. 
  • Garnering feedback and closing the workshop