1. [re:DeveŁepwent]: Kwun Tong Yue Man Square Redevelopment Documentation Exhibition VI

    Running exhibitions on the same theme repeatedly for six year is not easy. Being able to keep it fresh and relevant in its sixth edition is exceptional. Initiated in 2008, the Kwun Tong Yue Man Square Redevelopment Documentation Project has achieved just that.

  2. Still Life • Cheung Wai Lok

    Created from 2012 to 2015, the artworks in this exhibition depict and centre around my observations and feelings of Hong Kong, especially in terms of documenting and responding to feelings about space in the city. Now that I examine the three series of works put together, it dawns on me that my life has already been unconsciously documented in them.


    In Autumn 2010, when Hungarian new media artist Tamás Waliczky first arrived in Hong Kong, his historian wife Anna Szepesi took him to Tai O. What caught his eyes were not the scenic spots in the old fishing village, but the modest two-storey family houses on Tai Ping Street. The lower level of these houses, often functioning as a shop or a business, opens widely to the street. Passing by, every one can see what’s inside, as if viewing many little theatres side by side. Be it the activities of the people living in, or the seemingly chaotic and cluttered interior, which the artist soon began to appreciate the intricate order beneath, all this is very much different from the European culture that he is accustomed to, and this excited him.

  4. Border • Terry Ng Hon Hei

    The Hong Kong-Mainland China border is permanently changing—a fact reiterated by the news announcing the large-scale reduction of the Frontier Closed Area in phases in…

  5. Jaffa Lam • Looking For My Family Story

    Jaffa Lam is not well versed in expressing herself in photography. In her first ever attempt with this medium, the artist realised she has always felt doubtful about its veracity.


    The Elusive is a solo exhibition by emerging Hong Kong photographer Siu Wai Hang. Siu has long been featuring landscape in his work, but his underlying focus is always on humanity. He believes history is ever settling in our surroundings, being distilled through time. Landscape photography for him is a vehicle for discourse on identity, history and core values. Furthering such discourses, in this new body of work he devised a mechanical installation which turns static photos into moving pictures. By problematising the visual experience, he attempts to elucidate the understanding of identity.

  7. Postcards from the Road: Jonathan Day

    The year when Jonathan Day was born, Robert Frank published his photo book The Americans. The book records the Swiss-American photographer’s two-year journey in a used old car through 48 states of the United States of America. Jack Kerouac said he “sucked a sad poem out of America onto film.” The was 1959.

  8. A / Part: early and recent works of Alfred Ko Chi-Keung

    06 – 19.03.2015 Curated by Lee Lim-Chee Co-ordination | Lumenvisum Venue Sponsor | JCCAC   From the curious encounters in the adventurous travels to the…

  9. RARE ENCOUNTERS: Nancy Sheung’s Portraits of Hong Kong Women in the 1960s

    Lumenvisum resents: RARE ENCOUNTERS Nancy Sheung’s Portraits of Hong Kong Women in the 1960s Artist Nancy Sheung (Sheung Wai-Chun) Curator  Deputy Curator Dr Edwin K.…