“The Shape of Time” is the debut solo exhibition by local emerging photographer Dorothy Wong, as well as the seventh edition of Lumenvisum’s “New Light – Young Talented Photographer Series”.

“Traveling beyond perspective, the still images and videos show frame within frame. It steps from a space to another, from an image to moving images, from moving images to pure spatiality. The exhibition is not only about a practice of layering and watching, but also a practice to re-think how time moves in the video.”

Through a series of images taken in ports, Wong attempts to create an imaginative world that does not exist, by discomposing, merging and reconstructing images captured in reality. The exhibition features Wong’s photography series “Border” and her experimental video “On The Border, From The Distance”. Detached from the norm of seeing images, both works delve into the ambivalence of image, and the perception of time and space.

About Dorothy Wong
Wong received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong before pursuing her Master of Fine Arts study at the School of Creative Media, The City University of Hong Kong. Currently working on her graduation thesis, her main interest is on photography and inter-media experiments between moving and still images.


Opening Reception 27.05.2016 (五 Fri) 6 – 8 pm

Artist‘s Talk 11.06.2015 (六 Sat) 3 – 4:30 pm

Workshop 11.06.2016 (六 Sat) 4:45-6:30pm

Exhibition Period 27.5 – 30.6.2016