Published by Asia One Books
July 2013
170 x 230mm
108 pages
Hardcover with jacket
English and Chinese


Homebound takes you on a journey through the veins of the ‘dark side’ of Kowloon as seen through KC Kwan’s lens. The journey starts on the bus from Chai Wan, takes you along the busy markets in Mong Kok, invites you to dine at a dai pai dong, peeps into the lives of the girls of the night and encounters the junkies. Then there is the blue moment – a silence when the creatures of the night go quiet but the day ones haven’t awoken yet. Eventually the sun bursts through the darkness and energises the streets back to the hustling and bustling life again.

The black-and-white Homebound is an extended edition of Kwan’s previous Dark of City, which entitles him the Overall Champion of the First Hong Kong Photo Book Awards in 2012.


About KC Kwan

‘I’m not a photographer, I just like taking pictures.’ – KC Kwan

One of the post-1970s generation born and raised in Hong Kong, KC Kwan spent most of early life immersed in the everyday interactions of the city’s alleys and streets. He set out to learn photography just three years ago via self-teaching and experimentation – a process that also renewed his passion for life in the streets. In 2011, Kwan joined four other photographers from Hong Kong and Taiwan to establish ‘Photo Now’, an online platform to promote ‘impulse snapping’.